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Fernhill Masonic Lodge No. 587

Letter from W.Bro. W. T. McAuley regarding the closing of Fernhill Masonic Lodge No. 587

January 2008


It is an honour to have been elected as WM of the Lodge in this final year of working under this warrant. I am pleased that It has been the unanimous decision in Lodge to seek other ways of continuing our interests in masonry.

The Lodge spent most of its life in Brookvale Masonic Hall, Antrim Road, and perhaps we stayed there too long in the seventies and eighties before transferring to Arthur Square. On behalf of Fernhill I wish to thank the trustees of Arthur Square Masonic Hall for their vision, commitment and application in the recent hall refurbishment. Lodge rooms, toilet facilities and catering arrangements are now of the highest standard. This year we have the opportunity to rethink, renew and refurbish our commitment to the Order and look at our Motto in a new light - Over, Fork Over.

May I take this opportunity to thank all Brethren who have held Office and devoted time and energy in serving the Lodge. In recent years, our support for Masonic and other Charities has increased and this is mainly due to the efforts of W.Bro. WHH Miskimmin and W.Bro. Simon Bellamy to whom I offer our thanks.

Many of our guests are old friends and I hope that will not be hindered by the change. To members of Fernhill who have not attended this function [Installation meeting & dinner, 2008], I send our sincerest good wishes and hope that they will maintain their membership of the Order.

It would be my intention to personally deliver the warrant to Dublin in December next. Although there is obvious disappointment, I will retain many vivid memories of friendship and fellowship.

I offer my sincerest good wishes to you and your families for good health and happiness in the future.

Tom McAuley

Worshipful Master

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